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Review of Prominence by landofoz

Stars - 45

Rating by landofoz posted on Jan 10, 2016 | edit | delete

Love this SciFi Adventure

I am still playing but had to review this game!!  I have really enjoyed it and, to think, I almost didn’t d/l it because of the comments about movement and inventory pick up.  Maybe it is because I have played games for years so node based is alright by me particularly when you get 360 views at each node.  I am loving the story and the incremental reveals you get about what has happened as well as some info about you, the main (and only) character.  I like the desolate space station feel.  The puzzles are great, very immersive to the game and not too easy. I’ve been stumped a few times and usually because I didn’t fully explore my inventory items! I rated it a 4.5 as I did start to get a bit claustrophobic with the same rooms/floors. And finally I am so happy to have a scifi game as a break from the usual adventure games I play.  I sure hope they are doing a sequel or at least something else in the same vein.

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Time Played: 10-20 hours

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