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Adventure in the Shell

Well this game really took me by surprise! I haven’t felt like this since Culpa Innata , the last sci-fi AG that shook my world.


-Interesting protagonist and the loveable ANNIE, can’t say much without spoiling.

-The story gradually unfolds in a good pace.

-Great puzzles, not that hard but any AG where you have to type executable commands is a-ok with me! (turning off objectives makes it even better!)

-Great detail and a healthy dose of tech/crew information.

-The ability to turn off movements was a great implementation. It made everything so much smoother and better. I loved that i had the choice!

-Great voice acting by crew & ANNIE.

-Really felt i was in a sci-fi game, it had that ghost in the shell vibe in space! Really awesome!

-Story is great, they don’t flatout say who dit it, but if you go through the emails etc it’s pointing all to one person.


-Too short!

-No interaction whatsoever

-Would like to have a choice near the end

This game deserves the title game of the year! Really hope for a sequel:). A well deserved 5/5

Time Played: 10-20 hours
Difficulty: Just Right

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