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Review of Discworld Noir by TimovieMan

Stars - 45

Rating by TimovieMan posted on Sep 27, 2013 | edit | delete

Discworld: Noir is simply said a beauty! The Discworld setting and Terry Pratchett’s involvement (he’s credited under “far too much interference”) makes for an extremely funny and often hilariously absurd game with lots of sarcasm and cynicism to go around. And the noir setting really drives home all that sarcasm and cynicism while adding tons of movie references, some femme fatales and a pinch of suspense in the mix - while clouding everything else in darkness (seriously, even with the gamma-setting at its max, the game is still friggin’ dark). The end result is both intriguing and comical, and the colourful characters keep the entire thing fresh.
It also helps that the game deviates from the traditional ‘point-and-click’-gameplay by making your notebook an invaluable tool and making dialogues the most prominent focus of the game. Discworld Noir then spices things up halfway through by adding scents in the mix as well, a nice addition.
Being rather dialogue-heavy doesn’t exactly help with the difficulty, though. Some portions of the game are actually rather easy (especially the first quarter and the endgame), but the bulk of the game (the entire middle part) is quite good. And at least the game is easier than its predecessors…
I had a blast playing this game, there were several characters that are utterly unforgettable (the main character Lewton, Death, Gaspode the Wonderdog, Nobby, etc.) and you could easily quote this game all day long (and consequently chuckle all night)...

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Time Played: 10-20 hours
Difficulty: Easy

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