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Review of Green Moon by {rating_author}


Stars - 30

Rating by Guest posted on Jan 4, 2013 | edit | delete

Pleasant but shallow game

Green Moon is a charming game that I found myself wanting to like. It has a pleasant premise and the music and graphics are good and give the game a nice atmosphere. Unfortunately there are several things that keeps this from being a good game. Most importantly there is not much of a story and all characters in the game are as cardboardy as it is possible to get.

The game is all about finding objects that you need in order to create magical potions. There is very little interaction with the environment other than picking up objects to use in these potions and character interaction is also all about finding these objects. The game has a large variety of different locations but given the lack of interaction with the environment and the lack of story these locations feel like they lack any depth and just serve as backdrops for your object search (e.g. the snowy landscapes are just there so that you can pick up some snow for one of your potions).

Still, given the pleasant premise and the good graphics and music, searching the game’s various locations for objects can be a fun diversion for a while. I wouldn’t recommend the game but I also wouldn’t want to discourage anyone from trying it if you are looking for a light game, for example to rest your brain for a while after playing something more challening and intellectually stimulating.

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Time Played: 10-20 hours

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