Walking Dead: Episode Two - Starved for Help, The User Review

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Walking Dead - Episode 2

  As an interactive experience set in this world, it hits all the right notes. The world feels authentic, the characters interesting, the art stlye adds to the comic feel and you spend most of the time talking to other characters.

  As an actual game…it’s too short and waaaaaay too easy.

That was my opinion on Episode 1 and not a it’s pretty similar to how I feel about episode 2.

It’s still way too easy to complete the game and way too short.

However It is turning out to be one of the best things Telltale has ever done (if not the best thing). The atmosphere is superb and it tackles real adult issues in a pretty decent way.

There are 5 main moral decisions in each episode that have lasting implications on the game and there are a number of actions that are noted by the characters. Some of these decisions are life and death, make the wrong one and a character may die or at least the balance of power will be altered. Some of the decisions are seriously twisted and I applaud them for not shying away from it.

This time you are holed up in the motel, running out of food. You run across another group of people while out hunting and it leads to your first big decision. Soon you are visiting a new location and touching on a subject matter that was handled in the comics, but I think it is done better here.

If the world came to an end how far would you push it.

I think this is an innovative adventure game that is pushing the boundaries in it’s story and execution. I just wish that it was more substantial and it didn’t take me all of 2 hours to play through. Sure once all 5 episodes are out it should tote up to a 11-12 hour game, but seeing as it was 2 months since the last one and it was over in a flash it is frustrating.

Time Played: 2-5 hours
Difficulty: Very Easy

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