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Review of Eastshade by shanethewolf

Stars - 25

Rating by shanethewolf posted on Sep 8, 2023 | edit | delete

Boring, sickly sweet, but very funny if you don't take it seriously

Do you like action? How about humour? How about drama? Horror? Suspense? Challenge? Deep fleshed out characters?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, this game is not for you. Do you like church? Do you like cutting grass with scissors? Do you like opening your mouth and letting saliva dribble out onto the pavement? Yes? Then this is your game!

This game sure is boring, but maybe I’m being overly harsh and this is clearly a game for those who crave a safe space and I’m not judging that. To its credit, it has some gorgeous environments and an alluring atmosphere. Decent voice acting too. And on a technical level the game is very proficient. I would even say, if you play it ironically you might even find some comedy value. I’d highly recommend the video by “Let’s Game it Out” for that reason alone.

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Time Played: Under 1 hour
Difficulty: Very Easy

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