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Review of The Silent Sky by talupoeg

Stars - 45

Rating by talupoeg posted on Nov 8, 2022 | edit | delete

Ambitious but surprising little project

In short, The Silent Sky is an ambitiously done multi-choice, point and click game.

It has its flaws, mostly for trying to pack a fair amount of complex things inside what should be a simple walk in a park situation.

However it has a big counterweight to balance the flaws - the game has an incredible set of quality audio voice-overs accompanied by hand-drawn, dynamic graphic scenes.

To explain further, 

what I mean by dynamics in this game are the unique moments which are triggered depending on how you have interacted with the game environment. When you don’t pick up certain inventory item which the game actually needs later on then the environment around you is giving you the way to still pick it up, albeit forcefully but mostly in a humorous way.

Then there are multi-choice dialog options to choose from when interacting with game characters. There are a few non-player characters, but difficult to discover all of them.

The dialog options themselves aren’t really changing anything too drastically, but they do give you ways to get to know your characters better. As well as when you feel like acting a little rebellious then the dialog choices are letting you do exactly that. Although it might make it harder to solve further puzzles but it’s an enjoyment to just pick unrealistic chat replies and having the game and character to play it out.

This brings me to second or perhaps the biggest strength about this game - It’s replay value. This might be also the reason why the game is kind of short. Although it took me about 4 hours to finish the game in first time.

When you have finished it and actually replaying the game for perhaps to solve puzzles in a different way then you might discover a different set of events happening and various other dialog options you didn’t pick from the first run.

There are also hidden or hard to discover scenes and events. These hidden gems however are for the devoted adventurer. Just don’t forget to sleep when replaying it over and over again.

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Time Played: 10-20 hours
Difficulty: Just Right

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