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Review of A Plague Tale: Innocence by Nico2021

Stars - 40

Rating by Nico2021 posted on Dec 14, 2021 | edit | delete

Played on ps5 and finished the story in 12 hours.

This is a very beautiful game with great graphics and music. The production value is very high. Acting is excellent and it has a great atmosphere. Its not exactly the traditional adventure as there are many stealth sections and some actions sequences towards the end of the game. Also there arent any real puzzles, just controlling the environment with distractions to go through. There is a crafting system and you gather materials and upgrade tools, which keeps the gameplay kinda interesting.

My only minor complain is that the aiming control is not that good and many times you end missing your shot which leads to instadying. Also the story is quite lengthy and getting through the stealth and action sections can get a little repetitive.

In general i enjoyed my time with the game, especially the story and the acting, and i look forward to play the sequel.

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Time Played: 10-20 hours
Difficulty: Just Right

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