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Review of Disco Elysium by thinker

Stars - 35

Rating by thinker posted on Apr 20, 2020 | edit | delete


I now finished the game and I have a more in depth view of the game even though I would still rate it a 7/10 when talking generally about it in public because I still think it’s definitely not for everyone since it can be a 9/10 if you completely and totally love the style but a 5/10 if you are not that much into it.

The amount of text is obscene but the story great however it is also written by a non-native english speaker and at many occasions it feels like he explicitly tried to replace words with the rarest word possible and joined with the fact every single cultural name is fictional it can become tiresome.

All in all the game is fine since the story and character development are great and the gameplay dynamic enough (it has an indirect linearity but nothing too bad) but it’s definitely one of those games that has many lovers and haters and very few that see it in-between.

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Time Played: Over 20 hours
Difficulty: Easy

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