Review of Dance of Death: Du Lac & Fey by My Dune

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Rating by My Dune posted on Apr 9, 2019 | edit | delete

Good game, but too broken

I’m so sad and angry at the same time. The game is pretty well made, but has a huge flaw that makes me angry in every game that should have been great!

The story is good, graphics look very nice. The voice acting and music I have nothing to complain about. That’s all great. The only thing I would have to complain about should be the walking/traveling mechanics. It is very slow, there is no fast travel and your character follows often the weirdest route to get to the location you clicked. I really wished this was my only complaint though.

What really ruined the game for me is the broken auto save system. You have no option to save the game where you want, so there are only autosaves. Sadly enough the autosave file kept being corrupted for me. So every time I started playing the game I had to start a new game. One time I even got a message saying the file was corrupted and it gave me three options: Start a new game, start from a chosen chapter or end the game. None of which I was able to click. There is also not a menu or option to be found where I could choose a chapter to begin with. On two occasions the save game wasn’t corrupted, some other bugs occurt. In one, all characters weren’t anywhere to be found. Even after a restart and a reboot it didn’t work. The only thing to do….start from the beginning again. The second, I had to look at a few paintings, but the option to look at the paintings didn’t come up. The only thing I was able to do… are right….start the game again from the start. It was enough, I can’t play the game again and not wasting my time anymore. It doesn’t happen often, but I’m going to ask for a refund. I really hope the devs can and will fix these problems soon, for now the game is too broken to be played.

Time Played: 2-5 hours
Difficulty: Very Easy

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