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Review of Blind Souls by My Dune

Stars - 5

Rating by My Dune posted on Apr 1, 2019 | edit | delete

Not much more then a walking sim

I didnt even play till the end of the game and I’m pretty sure I didnt miss much by doing that. The only thing you do is walking around trying to find a canvas here and there. You play with a few bars that changes the darness, colors, ect. for the painting you want to make, till you find the setting you like. When you did that you can go find the next canvas for another painting.
Every time you feel that you are done with this area, you can travel to the next, doing the same things. Explore a bit, try find the canvasses, fiddle with the colors and travel to the next area.
Every time you travel to an area, you will hear a woman talking, but I never really understood, what she was talking about.

Let this game fly by and don’t waste your time and money on it.

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Time Played: 1-2 hours
Difficulty: Very Easy

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