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Unmasked: An Inner Journey - an indie odyssey

Dive into the depths of consciousness with the new immersive 2D action-adventure platformer, Unmasked: An Inner Journey. This unique, dialogue-free game is the brainchild of two passionate Ukrainian indie developers, known as 1stone Games. The game's storyline invites players to explore the psyche of the main character, confronting and battling inner fears and memories along the way.

Unmasked: An Inner Journey offers five consecutive levels, each boasting its unique setting and culminating in a boss fight. As players progress, they encounter new puzzle elements, interactable items, movement modes, player abilities, and enemy types. The gameplay is a vibrant blend of timed running, jumping, combat, and puzzle sequences, with occasional chase sequences and in-game cutscenes. The game, estimated to take roughly 3-3.5 hours to complete, starts with focusing on a meditating shaman. Throughout the game, players control a small human figure donning a wooden mask. With each level completed, the player rescues a mystical firefly that dissolves into the meditating shaman in a serene cutscene. The game suggests that the shaman is reflecting on past traumas, attempting to overcome them mentally, with the entire game serving as a metaphor for this process.

Despite the game's deep and profound themes, Unmasked: An Inner Journey is designed to be as bright and colorful as possible, encouraging players to relax and meditate alongside the main character. The game is developed in an old-school style, making it stylish and nostalgic. 1stone Games has utilized UE5 and Spine 2D for technical features and has created original sounds and music for the game, ensuring a gentle and charming auditory experience.

Unmasked: An Inner Journey is scheduled for release in 2024 and will be available on Windows, Xbox, PlayStation, and Nintendo, with the possibility of further platform extensions. It can be wish-listed now on Steam

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