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Universe Generator: The Golden Sword unsheathed free on Steam

We've all heard the Arthurian legend of Excalibur, which could only be drawn from a stone by the true king of Britain, but far less renowned is the magical weapon at the heart of today's freeware release of Universe Generator: The Golden Sword.

Players assume the role of "a master of lucid dreaming," tasked with putting an end to the Dark Ages by finding and acquiring the "anti-telluric Golden Sword." Doing so won't be easy, however, as there's no map leading to its hidden location. Instead, you must "mix and match various dreams and soundscapes to solve puzzles, acquire clues, and create the Dreamworld" where the titular blade resides.

As with the developer's previous game, Yeli Orog, Universe Generator is a first-person slideshow-style adventure, though that's where the similarities end. Rather than exploring actual locations, here the gameplay consists almost entirely of manipulating "old film, documentary, and home video footage" in order to achieve your singular objective. 

Not only can you dive into the subconscious realm right away, but there's no cost involved as Universe Generator: The Golden Sword is available now on Steam for Windows PC.

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