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Tristam Island welcoming visitors from 36 different platforms

Commercial text adventures may have largely gone the way of old gaming devices like the Amiga, Game Boy and Atari ST, but with the recent release of indie developer Hugo Labrande's Tristam Island, you can enjoy a nostalgic return to both. 

The game drops players on the shore of a small remote island following a plane crash. Alone and left to fend for yourself to survive, you soon discover that the island was once inhabited but "then deserted for an unknown reason." If you're to sove this mystery and escape, you'll need to "send an SOS – but also discover the secrets of the island," including why there is "a fence around the white house at the top of the hill."

In terms of presentation, Tristam Island is described as a retro "Infocom-style text adventure," though with "modern game design and conveniences." Players can expect a "large geography to explore, lots of prose, a rich parser, diverse puzzles, some humor and some darkness" along the way, plus a downloadable hint book and "feelies" for good measure. What you don't have to dread finding are "all the frustrations commonly associated with 1980s text adventures. No hunger timers, no frustrating mazes, no blocking situations that force you to restart."

What's particularly unique about Tristam Island is that not only is it designed to run on modern day PCs with Windows, macOS and Linux, but a whopping 36 different platforms including old microcomputers. A complete list of compatible devices is listed on the game's itch.io purchase page, along with a link to a demo that lets you try before you buy, offering over an hour of the full game's projected 7-10 hours of gameplay.

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