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The Silent Swan Takes Flight: Now Available for PS5

The much-anticipated The Silent Swan is now available in physical retail editions for PlayStation 5 across Europe and North America. The game's publisher SelectaPlay announced the release today, much to the joy of fans who have been eagerly awaiting the chance to get their hands on this narrative journey of a game.

The European physical version of The Silent Swan will be released as the Rising in the Mist Edition. This special edition will include a unique slipcase, a printed booklet showcasing some of the stunning artwork from the game, and additional information about the game's lore. The game's PS5 launch trailer can be viewed here:

Developed by Praenaris, The Silent Swan is a first-person narrative journey. Players assume the role of Mirov, who embarks on a quest in the desolate Land Beyond the Walls to find his lost wife Selene. Mirov's journey takes him through towering, mist-shrouded cities guided by a mysterious series of four-winged paper swans. As he nears the epicenter of the calamity known as the Fall that struck his home, Mirov uncovers unsettling truths that warn him to turn back.

The Silent Swan features awe-inspiring landscapes and cities that rise through the mist, an intriguing narrative, multiple endings based on player decisions, and an open-world narrative twist where the scenery guides players through a vast, fully traversable terrain. The physical retail versions of The Silent Swan and The Silent Swan Rising in the Mist Edition are now available in specialist retail stores for $29.99 / €29.99. Follow SelectaPlay on Twitter Spain: SelectaPlay for more updates.


The Silent Swan is available at:

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