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The Companion: A Mystical Narrative Adventure

The Companion, the latest indie game from RedDeer.Games, has been released on Nintendo Switch. The game is a narrative adventure that takes players through a mystical world filled with magic and mystery. The story carries a message about essential values such as love, friendship, and family, and allows players to take on the role of a fox's spiritual avatar dwelling in the metaphysical realm.

Players will explore seven breathtaking locations, collect hidden Essences and discover magical Artefacts to create a connection between the spiritual and material worlds. The game's vast world can sometimes become a true labyrinth, but players can use rune stones scattered around the world to summon astral guides and find the path to their destiny.

The Companion's magnificent spiritual world, puzzles, mysteries, and mood-enhancing soundtrack will keep players absorbed for hours. The game is available globally on the Nintendo Switch eShop. 

Overall, The Companion looks like a fantastic addition to the Nintendo Switch library, and we can't wait to dive into its mystical world. If you're a fan of narrative adventures and mystical stories, check out The Companion on the Nintendo Switch eShop or Steam.


The Companion is available at:

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