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Terminal Madness diagnosed on Mac and iOS devices

There's a very real concern about "Big Tech" monopolies in today's world, but there's even more to be worried about in indie developer Jordi Puigdellívol's Terminal Madness, a five-part, single-purchase point-and-click comic adventure whose debut installment has just been released. 

One particular tech giant isn't content to just rule the market, but rather intends to "take over the world with a mind-controlling virus." And so it falls to two unlikely heroes, a "hipster hacker" appropriately named Crypto with help from an accomplice named Danna, to join forces in order to "prevent them from getting away with it."

Presented in a striking hand-painted art style, reminiscent of Daedalic's Deponia with its vivid colour palette, misshapen architecture and exaggerated cartoony characters, Terminal Madness is a classic point-and-click adventure for the most part, filled with jokes and puzzles with very little time wasted on unnecessary backtracking. With two playable characters, however, you'll need to control both Crypto and Danna at times as they work individually and cooperatively to overcome the different obstacles in their path. As Crypto you will hack a variety of gadgets and equipment of increasing complexity, though no actual programming knowledge is required as the solutions will rely solely on "smarts and funny puzzles." 

The first of five parts of Terminal Madness is available now on the App Store for Mac and iOS devices (with iCloud saving for switching between devices), and a single purchase will offer access to each additional chapter when they become available every two or three months. A Windows version is also being considered, though there are no concrete plans as yet. 

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