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Sunshine Shuffle: A Narrative Poker Adventure

Indie studio Strange Scaffold is has released their latest game, Sunshine Shuffle, on May 24 for Nintendo Switch and PC via Steam. Described as a narrative poker adventure, the game combines the charm of Animal Crossing with the excitement and intrigue of a neo-noir crime drama, resulting in a unique and engaging experience. The trailer showcasing the game's peculiar blend of styles can be viewed here:

Strange Scaffold, known for their unconventional titles such as An Airport for Aliens Currently Run by Dogs, Space Warlord Organ Trading Simulator, El Paso and Elsewhere, has crafted a captivating story about loss, family, and armed robbery that unfolds between high-stakes hands of Texas Hold 'Em. Players will need to bluff, call, and raise their way to the top while engaging opponents in guarded banter to uncover their peculiarities and piece together the seedy tale.

If the idea of adorable animals gambling on a cozy tugboat while gradually revealing the sordid details of their past crimes piques your interest, be sure to keep try this intriguing game from Strange Scaffold.


Sunshine Shuffle is available at:

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