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Paws of Coal: Solve the Outbreak in Rabbit Burrows

Detective adventure game Paws of Coal has officially launched on Steam for PC, as announced by developer Gamechuck. The game takes place in the fictional world of Rabbit Burrows, where miners are falling ill and production is suffering. Players take on the role of Charles Quill, an eminent Animal Kingdom scholar, whom the Crown has summoned to help solve the outbreak.

Paws of Coal features hand-drawn backgrounds and frame-by-frame animated characters, flora, and fauna. It also boasts a classical score inspired by Wagnerian leitmotifs and composed by Fenton Huston. Players must gather and connect clues to form a myriad of open-ended conclusions, gain friends and foes among various animal factions, species, and classes, and make difficult moral decisions that will push the story in unexpected ways.

The game is available on Steam for PC as a standalone game or in a bundle with its soundtrack. For those interested in checking out Paws of Coal, the game's Steam page can be accessed via the following link. Additionally, a trailer for the game can be viewed on YouTube via the following


Paws of Coal is available at:

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