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Other Side Of Mist And Mountain: unraveling the enigma

Other Side of Mist and Mountain, a horror mystery visual novel, is set to release today on Steam. This Japanese-style game developed by 2P Games and Universe Studio invites players to solve puzzles and gather clues to uncover the mysterious disappearance of a sophomore student back in 2005. The game will be available at 7:30pm PDT and priced at $10.99 / €10,79 with a 10% launch discount.

The story revolves around Shizuno Yokoyama, a young detective whose girlfriend vanished under strange circumstances. The event occurred five years ago at a train station that, along with the girlfriend, disappeared during a flash mob organized by an occult forum. Now in 2010, players will join Shizuno, who specializes in investigating inexplicable, occult cases, in his relentless search for his lost love. The plot thickens as new cases bring clues that could finally solve the disappearance, but they also ensnare the player deeper into a web of mysteries.

The game's key features include puzzle-solving and investigations that progress the story, which is an intriguing blend of horror, mystery, deduction, and folk tales. The choices players make will trigger different storylines, enhancing the game's replayability. Players will also explore maps, engage in dialogues with a diverse cast of characters, and must pay attention to every little detail in each scene to solve the mystery of the disappearance. The game's trailer can be viewed here:

China-based 2P Games, with a decade of professional experience in the Asian games industry, is behind the release of successful indie gems like Immortal Life, Dust to the End, and Greedland. Their latest offering, Other Side of Mist and Mountain, promises to deliver an equally immersive and enigmatic gaming experience.

WHERE CAN I DOWNLOAD Other Side Of Mist And Mountain

Other Side Of Mist And Mountain is available at:

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