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Kickstarter brewed up for Nelson and the Magic Cauldron 2

In 2018, indie German developer Manuel Schenk brought us the quirky little comic adventure Nelson and the Magic Cauldron. Now Schenk hopes to bring Nelson back for brand new adventure, subtitled The Journey, though once again he's going to need a little Kickstarter magic to make it happen.

After claiming his most unusual inheritance from his necromancer uncle in the original game, here the eponymous protagonist is in a hurry to get to a magical competition ahead of his opponent. Luckily for him and his friends, they have an airship at their disposal. Far less luckily, but entirely predictably for an adventure game, "everything goes wrong" along the way. 

Based on the early background art unveiled, the point-and-click sequel will feature the same hand-drawn cartoony art style and quasi-medieval world as its predecessor, with plenty of humour conveyed through full voice acting in both English and German. Gameplay, too, will be will be similar, though this time around players can expect "a lot more puzzles" and a corresponding play time that should clock in at twice the length. 

In order to complete the game, the developer has launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise a modest €5,000 by August 31st. If successful, Nelson and the Magic Cauldron 2: The Journey should get underway sometime in April 2022 for Windows and Mac, followed by mobile devices later on.

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