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Gordian Rooms: A curious heritage unlocked for Windows PC

What is it about old eccentric relatives who not only leave you an unexpected fortune upon their deaths, but make you jump through crazy hoops to claim it? Well, thank goodness they do, at least in the gaming world, as is the case once again in indie developer Crimsonite Games' newly released puzzler Gordian Rooms: A curious heritage.

In this case it's your "mysterious uncle" who's passed on, leaving "nothing but a letter in his wake, telling you to solve his final puzzle to obtain his heritage." Or many puzzles, to be more accurate – the ones he's set up in his Victorian era mansion that will require your "skills of deduction, combination, recollection and observation to overcome." But the further you progress, the more you may come to realize that there is "more to this than meets the eye."

A first-person, node-based adventure with rotating camera, Gordian Rooms is described as an "escape room game" but is essentially a puzzle game that sees players move through the mansion solving one logic challenge after another. In order to succeed, you must carefully observe your surroundings for clues and items that you can combine and use to "activate hidden mechanisms" along the way.

Gordian Rooms: A curious heritage is available now on Steam for Windows PC, but if you'd like to try before you buy, a playable demo allows you to experience the first level of the full game.

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