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Dagdrøm: A Desert Adventure Game

Dagdrøm, a new point-and-click adventure game, released today, May 19th, 2023 for Windows PC and Mac. The game is being developed by Eight Bit Skyline and is inspired by classic adventure games like Monkey Island, Broken Sword, and Machinarium. The game's story follows a girl who embarks on a journey through the desert in search of the main ingredient for The Dream Tea, a popular drink in the game's world.

Players will have to travel across desert dunes to reach The Great Tower and find the answers they seek. However, the journey will be challenging as players will have to survive mysterious separatists, face The Stone Golem, and cook a variety of broth-based soups. The game's story has multiple layers, and the developer has kept most of it hidden to avoid spoilers.

Dagdrøm comes with a simple in-game hint system and a visual walkthrough guide to help players who get stuck. The game is available on Steam, and players can download it now

With its intriguing story, charming visuals, and a hint system for players who need it, Dagdrøm is shaping up to be an adventure game worth checking out.


Dagdrøm is available at:

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