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Blooming in Japan: Whitethorn Games’ Botany Manor

Whitethorn Games, renowned publisher of inclusive, accessible, and low-stress games such as Calico, Lake, and Wytchwood, has teamed up with Chorus Worldwide to bring the serene floral puzzle game, Botany Manor, to Japan. Chorus Worldwide, established in 2014 to dissolve global barriers for indie games, will also be featuring a demo for Botany Manor at the Tokyo Games Show (TGS) 2023.

Botany Manor sets players in the role of retired botanist Arabella Greene, who resides in the timeless estate of Botany Manor. Arabella has acquired a collection of rare and nearly forgotten plants in need of careful research to revive them. Players will explore the beautiful manor and its grounds to find clues in Arabella’s notes, books, posters, and items scattered across the property, to determine the right conditions to help the plants thrive again.

Key features of Botany Manor include exploring the serene grounds and many soothing rooms of the beautifully rendered, historically accurate 19th-century manor, and solving plant-based puzzles by picking up, flipping, turning, and rotating the many items found around the estate. As players explore, they will learn about Arabella’s life and career, and the challenges she faced as a woman scientist during the 19th century. The calming soundtrack perfectly complements the environment and the flowers players bring to full bloom. Botany Manor will be available for PC via Steam, Nintendo Switch, and for Xbox One and Xbox Series S|X.


Botany Manor is available at:

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