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The Third Day to rise on PC and smartphones soon

Very little is known about the life of Jesus Christ, but extremely little was ever documented about his short time on Earth following his resurrection. Looking to fill in some of the gaps is The Third Day, an upcoming  "what if" point-and-click adventure by indie developer Pan Studio.

Other than a few appearances to Mary Magdalene and his disciples, what did Jesus do in the forty days between the time he purportedly rose from the dead and ascended to heaven? In this game, players will be able to walk in the sandals of Jesus himself after emerging from his tomb and embarking on a journey to learn "why his father let him die on the cross." To find the answers he seeks, he will need to solve a number of inventory puzzles and even perform miracles such as "turning water into wine or [walking] on water." Along the way, he'll also engage in "dialogues full of humor" with a variety of "charismatic characters" he meets in his travels. 

Despite its rather unconventional subject matter, The Third Day is otherwise a very traditional third-person point-and-click adventure. The game invites players to "tour the Judea region passing through the most emblematic locations ... such as Bethlehem, Nazareth [and] Jerusalem." According to the developers, the settings are based on "references of the constructions of the time and respecting the architecture of the buildings," though there will be some liberties taken in service of the story. 

There is no firm release date for The Third Day just yet, but development is in its "final phase" and is due to be completed soon on PC and smartphones. In the meantime, those with Android devices can check out the playable demo available now on Google Play.

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