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Sudd City Adventures bubbles up on Windows PC

Comics and movies tend to paint superheroes in a rather glorified light, with epic battles against the forces of nefarious villains. Even their personal conflicts tend to be spectacular! But behind the scenes, surely superheroes experience the same everyday hassles and frustrations as the rest of us, and it's these particular kinds of issues you'll need to help them navigate in the recently released Sudd City Adventures

Players assume the role of Silvia, an FBI agent responsible for "superhero relations" in the titular metropolis. The job is far less glamorous than it sounds, often involving "just being organized enough to prevent some interesting characters from falling apart." To that end, you'll spend your time managing "minor inconveniences at their headquarters while not fighting crime." Rather than helping them save the world, you will need to investigate such "Very Important Problems" in their downtime as "a missing skull ring, escaped reptiles, couch entrapment, accidentally creating sentient robots, and more." You're going to have to scour the mansion for clues and interrogate the supersuspects if you're ever going to get home tonight. 

Presented in a hand-drawn art style that befits its superhero theme, the lighthearted Sudd City Adventures is a first-person slideshow-style adventure that provides a "team of interesting heroes and animals to interact with." Described as a "short game for busy heroes," with a projected play time of about an hour, the game allows players to participate firsthand in the "usually unseen parts of the lives of superheroes." There's no cape for you, no mask, no glory, just the thankless job of holding this team together when the rest of the world isn't watching.  

If you're up for a decidedly unconventional superhero story, then get yourself up, up and away to either Steam or itch.io, where Sudd City Adventures is available now for download on Windows PC.

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