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Westmark Manor set to open its doors next month

Westmark Manor is the kind of epic, gothic estate that would have quite a story to tell if its walls could talk. Of course, in this case there’s a good chance they actually can, and the tale they’d tell is one of terror, occult rituals, dark secrets, and madness in Nodbrim Interactive’s upcoming Lovecraftian survival horror adventure.

Theodore Westmark is no stranger to odd and inexplicable phenomena as a curator at the department of ancient history, even going so far as to devote his life to the search for “an ancient alchemical formula that is said to control space and time.” But some secrets are best left undiscovered, and whatever Theodore unearthed on the island of Vörnum off the coast of Norway and brought back to his family’s home might prove itself to be far darker and more sinister than even he was prepared for.

Described as a third-person “mind-bending survival horror game, Westmark Manor promises a heavy focus on solving puzzles and exploration.” But beware, as while you roam the eerie rooms and corridors of the eponymous mansion, you will need both wits and bravery in order to stay alive and maintain the stamina needed to “face the darkness and the terrors it holds.”

Westmark Manor is slated to launch on Steam for Windows, Mac, and Linux on June 18th.

Note: This news was updated on May 18th to reflect the launch date revealed after time of writing.

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