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Deeproot Manor to spring up later this month

There have been more than enough tragic reports of real-world horrors coming from Italy of late, so thankfully the announcement of FuocoFatuo's upcoming Deeproot Manor represents a horror experience of a much more welcome kind. 

The story follows a girl named Emily, whose younger brother Richard recently disappeared without a trace. Believing his last known destination to be "an abandoned manor, deep inside the woods," Emily sneaks out of her house in order to "explore every nook and cranny of [the] dilapidated mansion in order to find her brother and, hopefully, escape together." Along the way, she will need to "find key items, solve puzzles and try to survive dangerous encounters" in this frightening place where "nobody yet has managed to escape."

Created using the RPG Maker engine, Deeproot Manor is a retro-styled adventure presented from a bird's-eye perspective and controlled via keyboard or gamepad with a certain degree of context-specific mouse input required for puzzles. Bathed in black and purple to create an eerie, oppressively dark atmosphere, this project represents the indie Italian developer's "mostly single-handed love letter to independent horror games." While predominantly focused on exploration, puzzle-solving and narrative elements relating to both the protagonist and her brother as well as the history of the manor itself, the game will also include some periodic survival sequences meant to ratchet up the tension at key moments and keep players on their toes. 

If you're up for some creepy house-of-horror thrills, you don't have much longer to wait, as Deeproot Manor is due to be launched on Steam for Windows PC on May 22nd. 


Deeproot Manor is available at:

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