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First Contact established on Steam

Is there any other intelligent life out there? And how would we find out if there were? Now you can join the search to discover whether we're alone in the universe in Haguy Eis's newly released sci-fi adventure, First Contact

This "homage to popular culture" promises to be "rich with humor [and] character intrigue," but rather than venturing out into the galaxy like most sci-fi games, First Contact puts players in control of the team leader of a group of scientists here at home as they attempt to "uncover hidden mysteries in outer space." Using the various research equipment at your disposal, you'll need to "analyze strange radio signals, decipher hidden messages, symbols, sounds, and translate alien languages." As you progress, you'll also be confronted with a number of choices to make that will impact the direction and even the outcome of the game. 

In between retro-styled third-person adventure segments, players will have direct access to consoles with instruments "inspired by the SETI research program and popular science fiction." There will be some challenging puzzles to solve, but in-game tutorials will introduce such things as "radio waves, galactic and equatorial coordinate systems, and other exciting stuff." The more you learn, the more you'll be able to "research technologies to build and use different types of tools and instruments." You can't just wait for proof to come to you, however, so you must scan the galaxy for "distant stars systems and exoplanets" in order to "determine if discovered exoplanets can sustain life." And if you do make "first contact" with an alien species, what then? The decision is yours. 

If you believe the truth is out there, there's no need to wait to find out as First Contact is available now on Steam for Windows PC.

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