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Fragile breaks out on Kickstarter

Horror adventures can take us to many dark places, but there may be nothing more terrifying than a child abduction, and Beer Night Studio is hoping to raise awareness for this cause in their upcoming adventure, Fragile, currently seeking funding through Kickstarter.

The game stars a young girl who is kidnapped on her way home from school one dreary afternoon and awakens to find herself being held captive in a "hell on earth," a place you would be "too afraid to even imagine (especially if you are a parent)." Now, in order to the escape the clutches of a "secret organization which deals in human trafficking and other horrendous activities," players must guide the little protagonist through a series of dangerous trials that not only threaten her sanity but even her very life. Along the way you'll meet some other poor souls who have been imprisoned here longer than you, but beware your abductor as well, as "he is watching."

Fragile is a 2D side-scroller presented in a bleak but beautifully hand-painted art style. Early on there will be only "mild violence and no gore," but as you progress the child's "mind and vision will change" due to the "psychological traumas she suffers along the way." This will result in such a transformation of the game world that it will be "unrecognizable in the later chapters." Controlled via keyboard, the game promises both a survival element with "evolving levels and enemies" as well as a variety of "Mongolian culture-themed unique puzzles" to solve. 

In order to complete the game for Windows, Mac, iOS and Android as early as this spring, the indie Mongolian developer has launched a Kickstarter campaign  to raise $20,000 USD by February 27th. To showcase the experience you can expect, a downloadable demo is available on Steam, giving players the chance to check out the early stages of the game for themselves. 

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