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The Button Witch pressing towards early 2021 release

Witches are so misunderstood. (Even in fiction, not just the Wiccans.) They aren't all wart-nosed, broom-riding hags, as you can see for yourself in a demo for The Button Witch, an upcoming RPG-styled adventure from indie developer DDreamsGames.

Players control a young apprentice named Ellen, who arrives for her first day of internship at the Witch Academy only to find that something is seriously wrong: Lord Thimble is missing and his mansion is "filled with puzzles and locks." If she's to figure out what happened at her supervisor's home, she'll need to interact with "a lively cast of crazy characters" (not the least of which is a talking squirrel ghost), solve a variety of puzzles, and make good use of the new magic spells she learns along the way.

Presented in a classic overhead JRPG style, The Button Witch is very much an adventure game controlled through a combination of keyboard and mouse to move and interact with the environment. Puzzles promise to be diverse, ranging from "escape-rooms to riddles and item combination," and magic will play an important role in your progress. You'll start out with the "Magnet Spell to move metal objects and the Light Spell to light up small fires or turn on lights," but in time you'll unlock new spells on your way to one of multiple different endings.

There is currently no firm release date for The Button Witch, but the developers are hoping to complete the game for PC by late 2020 or early 2021, with a Kickstarter planned soon to help finance the remaining production. There's no need to wait until then for a first taste of the experience, however. In fact, there's no need to wait at all as a downloadable demo is available to download on itch.io for Windows and Mac. 

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