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Development of Heal making steady progress

Ever feel like you might die of old age before completing some of the tougher adventure game puzzles you encounter? Well, that feeling just might have a little more validity in indie Finnish developer Jesse Makkonen's upcoming Heal.

Story details are intentionally scarce, as Heal is meant to be an "experimental" and "abstract" game whose theme revolves around old age. Guiding the elderly protagonist through a series of surreal challenges will be a very puzzle-centric experience, but Makkonen says he plans to "keep the puzzles more on the easier side, so [they] won't interrupt the flow of the game." 

Like the developer's previous Distraint series, the new game is a side-scrolling adventure that is "driven by the strong and obscure atmosphere" it presents. Neither "purely puzzle nor adventure," the experience promises some "light horror elements" along the way, but unlike its much darker, more disturbing pixel art predecessors, Heal's (relatively) colourful environments are entirely hand-drawn and there is no dialogue at all. 

There is currently no target launch date for this game, but Makkonen plans to release Heal on Steam for PC, along with iOS and Android devices when complete.

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