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Kickstarter support growing for Who Stole My Beard?

Beards come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, and you'll get to try on a variety of different types next summer if indie developer Cleardot Games is able to secure Kickstarter funding for the upcoming RPG-styled adventure Who Stole My Beard?

Whether Van Dyke or mutton chops, light stubble or Balbo, in Beardsville facial hair isn't just a fashion statement, it's the law. Unfortunately, one young man's "prize winning beard" has been snatched! Now, with the help of his girlfriend and faithful anthropomorphic dog companion, he must set out to discover who robbed him, all the while acquiring and then disguising himself with a number of new beards in order to "gain favor with certain characters, unlock new dialogues and plot lines, and gain access to secured areas containing more clues to solve the mystery."

Created in RPGMaker with the familiar bird's-eye presentation, Who Stole My Beard? promises a "charming and emotional detective story" about "friendship, betrayal and social conformity." Players can switch control between all three characters at various times to "solve puzzles and side quests as a team to progress." Your loyal canine pal Leo is also indispensable in offering you advice that will help you "figure out your next objectives as you puzzle the mystery together." With "23 different real-world beard styles to uncover," you'll need them all as there are "lots of characters to charm and different dialog choices depending on your current facial hair style," and some areas are restricted to those only with a certain look.

In order to complete the game for Windows, Mac, iOS and Android devices, Cleardot has launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise a modest $2,000 USD by November 1st, with the bulk of the funding going to artwork and music. If all goes well, we could see the game released as early as next June, and you can follow its progress through the developer's website.

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