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Filament winding its way towards early 2020 release

Unless you're a cat, you probably never thought about how much fun you could have with thread. But Beard Envy has, and we'll soon get to see for ourselves when the indie developer launches their sci-fi puzzler Filament early next year. 

The Alabaster is one of the "Filament Corporation’s flagship research vessels," but the last crew member remaining on board is Juniper, "left alone, orbiting a mysterious planet." You have traveled a long way to reach the ship and are now free to explore while maintaining "constant contact with Juniper" throughout. To learn what happened here, you must "search crew logs, messages, records, as well as personal items and knick-knacks," all while solving more than 300 puzzles in between. 

Described as a "laid back, story-rich and fully narrated puzzle game," Filament is presented from a bird's eye view of the ship with two very distinct components. The first is the Alabaster's crew area where Juniper still resides, while the second is a series of standalone puzzle rooms. The latter are where much of the gameplay takes place, as players must complete hundreds of "cable-based puzzles" that you are welcome to tackle "at your leisure, in (almost) any order you like."

There is no firm release date just yet, but Filament is on track to be launched on Steam sometime in the first quarter of 2020 for Windows, Mac and Linux.

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