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Sol705 campaign

Shadows and Dust form on Steam

Regrets can come back to haunt us in so many ways, some less obvious than others. Even when we feel we've put them behind us, the memories can still plague our thoughts and dreams without us even being aware of it. This very scenario is at the heart of indie developer Moloch Media's newly-released adventure Shadows and Dust.

While story details are left intentionally vague, the game will thrust players into a "dark room" with a "dim view" through which you can't quite make out any recogizable details. You aren't alone, however, though who your companion is will be up for you to discover. This surreal environment becomes the backdrop to a "subconscious reflection" of past choices and the impact they've had on those closest to you. The more you face the consequences of your actions, the more you may just find out that "some choices can't be taken back."

The newest game from the creator of Mars Underground is based on the developer's own nightmares and presented in a combination of free-roaming first-person sections and fixed 2D "text-based scenes of interactive dialogue." Rather than focus on puzzle-solving, the narrative-driven gameplay experience is all about "exploration and conversation" in order to confront the issues troubling the protagonist's mind. 

If you think you might regret passing on this game, there's no need to wait as Shadows and Dust is available now on Steam for Windows and Linux.

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