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Through Abandoned series finds final refuge on PC

If you like your adventures games to be solitary experiences, then you'll really enjoy Through Abandoned, a three-part indie trilogy that is now complete with the launch of the final installment, The Refuge

First begun in 2015 with The Underground City, followed a year later by The Forest, there's still been little revealed about the overarching story, except to say that the search for your missing brother tells a tale of "strange parallel worlds," which of course have long since been deserted. In the third and final episode, players will find themselves in "the Refuge, a place hidden between worlds." What answers, if any, will you finally find there? You'll have to investigate for yourself to find out just what happened there and have any hope of getting home.

As with its two predecessors, The Refuge is a slideshow-style, first-person adventure, though the hand-painted graphics are noticeably more detailed this time around. Any changes are largely cosmetic, however, as players are once again challenged to "solve puzzles and play mini-games, look for items and find a way to use them, explore, enjoy the story and try to escape." 

Developed exclusively for Windows PC by the two-man Ukrainian team of Igor Krutov's Games, Through Abandoned: The Refuge is available now on Steam, along with the two earlier games as standalone purchases. 

Details on Through Abandoned: The Refuge

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Through Abandoned (Series)

Through Abandoned (Series) 2019

Through Abandoned: The Refuge is the third part of a big story about parallel worlds.

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