Indiegogo campaign brewing for Dude, where is my beer?

Many adventures have players saving the world, or at least the day, from the clutches of evil, but the ultimate goal is far more important in indie Norse developer Arik Zurabian's upcoming point-and-click adventure that is currently seeking crowdfunding through Indiegogo and gives a whole new meaning to the term "drinking game."

In the fittingly-titled Dude, where is my beer?, players control a young man who is desperately trying to find "an old school, refreshing pilsner in the confusing world of unnecessary craft beers and snobby hipsters." But his quest is mocked at every turn, as in the status-obsessed modern world, people only care about fancy brews with strange names and even stranger tastes. You'll need to take it upon yourself, then, to "solve puzzles related to beer, bars and cats, and who knows, maybe you will have to brew your own beer?"

Described as a "colorful point & drink adventure," the game is presented in a distinctive hand-drawn art style with a SCUMM-style interface as old-school as its central objective. Players will need to "talk to different characters, most of them bartenders," and overcome obstacles at "different stages of inebriation at locations like a sports bar, a microbrewery, a dive bar and a rock bar." As you might expect (and probably hope), "drinking beer is an integral part of the game experience and your [blood alcohol content] will open up or close off quest options and dialogue choices." Included among the challenges you'll face is having to win a contest by finding all the right ingredients to a rare beer recipe and brewing it just right.

Zurabian is hoping to launch Dude, where is my beer? on Windows, Mac and Linux sometime in 2019, but in order to help get the game to the finish line with the best possible production values, he has launched an Indiegogo campaign to raise $7,000 (US) within the next three weeks. As a "flexible" campaign, all funds pledged will be collected regardless of the final amount, and the developer claims that the game will be finished in any case, though a lower pledge total may result in increased production time down the home stretch.

Details on Dude, where is my beer?

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Dude, where is my beer?  2019

Dude, where is my beer? is a satiric point-and-click adventure game about a guy who is desperately trying to find a pilsner, but he is laughed at by everyone, as in this cruel world people only care about craft beers and the stranger its name, the more unusual the taste the better.

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