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The Blind Prophet predicted for 2019

The future of point-and-click adventures looks a little more promising today thanks to the announcement of the upcoming The Blind Prophet.

In this solo creation from indie French developer Baptiste Miny, at long last "the prophecy passed on through the generations is about to be fulfilled!" However, something has gone wrong and a "mysterious man" is attempting to "block the divine mission" for reasons unknown. This resistance to destiny foretold results in "terrible and unexpected problems" for the star of the game, the Apostle Bartholomeus. 

The Blind Prophet features a distinctively hand-drawn, graphic novel-styled aesthetic to convey its "tragically blunt and mature universe." Promising plenty of "charismatic characters" to talk to and "a strong storyline about philosophy, redemption and moral struggle," the experience will be driven by ethical choices confronting the player, intended to "challenge you and provoke you to think about the importance of our existence, good, evil and sacrifice." This is no pure narrative adventure, however, as there will also be "mind-bending puzzles" to overcome along the way. 

Currently in development for PC, there is no firm release date just yet for The Blind Prophet, as a Kickstarter campaign will be launched soon to help finance the rest of production, along with a playable demo to sample the game in its current state. 

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