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The Procession to Calvary successfully passes through Kickstarter

Joe Richardson is a Renaissance man. Not only is the UK-based indie developer already working on his third solo adventure, but The Procession to Calvary will be made up entirely of Renaissance-era paintings when it's released next spring.

A sequel to last year's acclaimed Four Last Things, Richardson's new game once again follows the same lead character but "a lot has happened since we last met our ill-fated protagonist." It seems that during his "brief sojourn in hell," a holy war has been fought and The Reformation has begun. Now, in "the wake of this wave of destruction a slew of prospective new religious leaders are popping up. Will you follow the teachings of Huldrych Zwingli and turn to the Bible for answers? Will you become a Mennonite, take a dunk in the lake, then hide in a bush until the whole things blows over? Or will you stick to your guns and follow your old masters?"

As with its predecessor, The Procession to Calvary features a very distinct aesthetic comprised entirely of mixed and matched "Renaissance-era paintings and public domain recordings of classical music." For a slightly different artistic flavour, the new setting moves from North to South, taking players through a world "built largely from Italian art (with some Hogarth thrown in for good measure)." In similarly amusing Python-esque, point-and-click fashion, players will need to "sing for sailors, conspire with cardinals and outplay the local organist on your hapless quest for absolution."

Having recently met its Kickstarter funding goal, the path is now clear for The Procession to Calvary to be finished as early as April 2019, initially launching on Windows, Mac and Linux, with mobile ports "likely to follow at a later date." To learn more about the game in the meantime, be sure to drop by the official website.

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