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Unmemory looks to future thanks to Kickstarter success

Many games refuse easy genre categorization, and some defy any attempts to classify them at all. Such is the case of the successfully Kickstarted text-driven thriller unmemory, coming to PC and mobile devices later this year.

Set on the Mediterranean coast in the 1990s, unmemory thrusts players into the role of Leo, who awakens in a bathroom with a girl lying dead in the tub. Was it you who killed her? Not only do you have no recollection of the event, you can't even recall who you are. You soon discover that the woman was your girlfriend and a member of the "Killer Kittens," a "band of classy cat burglars" with a hidden stash of stolen loot whose whereabouts only you know, if only you could remember. Urged on by someone who claims to want to help you find your girlfriend’s murderer, you must now attempt to unlock the mysteries in an "obscure notebook full of secret clues," as "your memories are key to unveil the hidden messages and solve the puzzles."

While the premise of unmemory isn't entirely out of the ordinary, its presentation surely is. Described by its indie developers as "a mystery adventure game that you can read or a thriller novel you can play," the game features a combination of text and graphics, puzzles and narrative in order to deliver a "new kind of storytelling." Over the course of eight chapters, players will "read, play, click, discover, solve, listen" while overcoming "challenging puzzles using logic, comprehension, deduction and discovery skills" along the way. The experience is designed for those who enjoy non-linear films like Memento or Mulholland Drive, games such as DEVICE 6 or Her Story, and books like The House of Leaves or Masquerade.

Thanks to its Kickstarter support, unmemory is now on track for release on PC, Android and iOS devices in November. To learn more about the game in the meantime, you can check out its official website.

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