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Rusty Lake Hotel now open to visitors

If a town inspired by David Lynch's Twin Peaks and populated by anthropomorphic animals sounds like just your twisted kind of place to visit, you'll be happy to know you can book your room now at the eerie Rusty Lake Hotel.

The game takes place in the titular hotel, and players assume the role of a kind of butler who must collect the ingredients needed for five exotic dinners, while in between attending to the wishes of the current guests staying there. But these particular guests are here for a reason, because the hotel is "a special place, a place where strange forces prevail." And you are a servant with a secret agenda, having been given a special task by the hotel's owner, Mr. Owl. Fulfilling your goals will require a lot of puzzle-solving to accomplish, and in the end the guests' requests may not turn out at all like they intended.

While Rusty Lake Hotel is the first commercial game from the aptly-named Dutch indie Rusty Lake, it is thematically connected with the ongoing Cube Escape games that are freely available to download from the developer's website, featuring recurring characters and further allusions to the mystery of a "lake containing memories, wandering spirits and the passage of time." The new game largely features the same kind of escape-the-room-style puzzling gameplay as its freeware predecessors, though with a total of six rooms to solve this time around as well as a hotel to roam. And don't be deceived by the hand-drawn artwork, as the slightly cartoony aesthetic belies the underlying malevolence and eerie atmosphere enveloping this mysterious hotel.

Originally released for iOS and Android devices late last year, Rusty Lake Hotel is now available for download on PC and Mac. For purchase links and additional information about the game and the unique world in which it's set, visit the official website.

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