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The Last Door leads to Season Two Collector’s Edition in 2016

They say when one door closes, another opens. That certainly seems to be true for The Game Kitchen's Last Door series, as the four-part second season of the acclaimed Victorian-era horror adventure is now scheduled to be complete sometime early next year.

Following in the highly pixelated footsteps of its predecessor, The Last Door's second season casts players in the role of Dr. John Wakefield, the psychiatrist of Season One protagonist Jeremiah Devitt. Dewitt has mysteriously vanished, and it's up to Wakefield to set out in search of his patient. Of course, nothing goes according to plan and "soon Wakefield is drawn into the haunting web of forbidden knowledge, madness, and a deep conspiracy hiding it all." According to Enrique Cabeza, Creative Director for The Game Kitchen, the new season will include a “much bigger map to explore, with more characters, more puzzles, and more mysteries to solve than the previous season, which means more gameplay time."

The series originally debuted back in 2013, featuring both an unapologetically retro design and a unique pricing and launch structure. Season Two will feature the same distinctive aesthetic, four-part episodic format and full Collector's Edition release published by Phoenix Online Studios, but with different purchasing options this time around. Three episodes, plus a free "interlude" installment, are already available through the developer's website, with the fourth and final episode still in beta. However, for those who prefer Steam, the Collector's Edition is available now through Early Access at at discounted price, though at present only the season's first episode, The Playwright, is ready to play.

There is currently no firm deadline for the full season to be finished, but it is expected to be ready in "early 2016". If you've missed out so far, that leaves you time to catch up on The Last Door's stellar first season.

WHERE CAN I DOWNLOAD The Last Door: Season Two

The Last Door: Season Two is available at:

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