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The Last Door (Series)
PC, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS

The Last Door (Series) 2016

Delve further into the madness of the Veil as Dr. John Wakefield, psychiatrist to Season 1’s protagonist Jeremiah Devitt. Setting out in search of his client who has mysteriously vanished, Wakefield is soon drawn into the haunting web of forbidden knowledge, madness, and a much deeper conspira

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Moebius: Empire Rising  2014

Antiquities dealer Malachi Rector hunts down artifacts all over the world, possessing a knack for sensing “the soul” of an object. After his upscale Manhattan store is destroyed in a fire, Rector is hired by millionaire Amble Dexter to investigate a series of events and document them in ...

Cognition (Series)
PC, Mac, Android, iOS

Cognition (Series) 2013

Erica Reed, an FBI agent in Boston, lost her brother years ago to a serial killer who was never caught. In the high-stress hunt to save him, she began developing the strange and uncontrolled power of post-cognition: by touching an object, she can see its past, events that happened on, to, or around

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The Silver Lining (Series)
PC, Freeware

The Silver Lining (Series) 2011

As King Graham's quest to save his children draws near to a close, history comes to the fore. Valanice's memories may hold the key to the future and Pandora's Box lies waiting.

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