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Viva la 1979 Revolution this fall

Because of their focus on story, adventure games are uniquely suited to the retelling of historical events within the framework of interactive experience. Recent adventures like Valiant Hearts and Papers, Please have offered insights into authentic real-world events and presenting them interactively,  garnering favorable response for doing so. Hoping to tread heretofore uncovered historical ground, this fall fledgling developer iNK Stories will take us to Iran in 1979 Revolution.

In the first installment of a planned series, Black Friday, players will step into the role of Reza, a photojournalist who finds himself in the midst of a social and political revolution in Tehran. Free of ties to one side or another, Reza’s role is to observe events around him, though his decisions will nonetheless play a key role in shaping the fates of many.

Featuring a versatile cast of television and movie actors, and helmed by veteran developer Navid Khonsari, 1979 Revolution promises to include a story driven by the choices you make, as you explore a city in the throes of martial law, with protests and riots around every corner. Reza will participate in various activities like photography, urban triage for victims of the revolution, and a number of minigames, all while constantly avoiding detection by the authorities.

Designed with an appropriate ‘70s visual flair and film influences, and including real-world primary historical documents and audio recordings to find in-game, 1979 Revolution has been built from the ground up with touchscreen compatibility in mind, but will also see release for PC and Mac. In waiting for the series debut later this fall, you can check out the developer’s website for up-to-date information.

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