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Sol705 campaign

New Carol Reed comes in Shades of Black next month

The indefatigable Carol Reed is coming back again in 2015 with her 11th mystery, this time in an adventure called Shades of Black, due out next month.

If Carol is a little later than usual this year, perhaps that's because she's been trying her hand as an author. Having written about one of her previous cases, she's been trying to get the book published, only to be discouraged by rejection after rejection. One such publisher, though not interested in her book, is very interested in her detective skills, and hires Carol to investigate the disappearance of an eccentric author. It's clear to Carol right from the start that "it's not an average missing person case. The author's wife was murdered six years ago. Just before his disappearance, a young woman was found murdered, with pages from the author's latest book stuffed into her mouth."

As with the previous Carol Reed games, Shades of Black will be a first-person slideshow adventure consisting of numerous photographs of the more beautiful and unusual places taken around developer Mikael Nyqvist's home country of Sweden, as seen in the screenshots released so far. As usual, a demo of the new game is expected shortly for those who'd like a more hands-on trial experience.

There isn't much longer to wait for the final version either, as Shades of Black is due for release sometime in August.

Community Comments

Latest comments (1 total)

As an avid fan of Carol I can only say: Hurray!

And I wonder: since Mikael had to shoot some pictures for this game this summer, will we have a Carol Reed game that plays in winter next year?

Jul 6, 2015
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