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World-destroying MechaNika now ravaging Android devices

Saving the world is old hat for adventure gamers. Now, destroying the world? That's something else entirely. But that just happens to be the central premise behind MechaNika, a new mobile adventure making its debut on Android devices.

As unusual as the game's concept is, its choice of (anti-)hero is even more so. Nika is a seven-year-old girl with very peculiar tastes. Not surprisingly for a girl whose "favourite things are the transfer of energy, magnetic fields and electrical engineering", Nika is an outcast. But rather than try to fit into the world around her, Nika "doesn’t care that her parents don’t understand her, that her teachers ignore her or that her friends are completely nuts. She has a plan to solve everything. A really… odd plan." That plan is to "destroy the world in order to have a clean slate for a new one, to be built according her own interests."

Created by the two-person Spanish team Mango Protocol, MechaNika's destructive subject matter is anything but traditional, but the rest of its design will feel far more familiar to point-and-click adventure fans. The screenshots and trailer show off its hand-drawn cartoon aesthetic, and the game promises to be filled with "puzzles that can be solved in different ways through classical object interactions and some crazy dialogs."

MechaNika is available now for Android devices on Google Play, and an iOS version is also in the works, expected to be released some time next month.


MechaNika is available at:

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