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Cthulhu’s name invoked in comic Lovecraft spoof Gibbous

Out of the heart of Romania, from deepest Transylvania, comes the announcement of a 2D point-and-click comic adventure about… Cthulhu? Yes, there’s not a vampire in sight in Stuck in Attic’s Gibbous: A Cthulhu Adventure, a game that “lovingly spoofs” the works of one H. P. Lovecraft. Gibbous will seek to take the writer’s dark subject matter, creatures, and locations, and give them a light-hearted, contemporary twist in the style of classic LucasArts adventure favorites.

Taking place in an alternate present day, Gibbous is the story of not one but three playable characters: Buzz, a mild-mannered librarian who accidentally stumbles across the notorious Necronomicon; his cat Kitteh who has been somehow transformed by the book; and Don R. Ketype, a hard-boiled private detective tasked with finding the book for mysterious benefactors. Death cults are all the rage, springing up all over the place, each one trying to outbid the others in a race to reclaim the Necronomicon and bring the god of chaos back into our world. On the lam, Buzz and Kitteh must stay one step ahead of their pursuers on their quest to set things back to rights.

Boasting technical features like frame-by-frame animations and hand-painted backgrounds, the developers are taking pains to include unique responses and lines of dialog for every possible combination of inventory items and environment hotspots – whether they produce a viable result or not – thus eliminating bog-standard negative responses when a player action fails to produce results. Besides Lovecraft, the three-person team is citing such disparate influences as Tim Schafer, Alfred Hitchcock, and Karl Pilkington, among others, so the result may be quite an interesting amalgamation.

The game will be available for  Windows, Mac, and Linux, and possibly mobile platforms further down the road. There is currently no firm release date, as a crowdfunding campaign is expected to be launched at some point in the future, but mid-2016 is the earliest likely target at this point. Fortunately, we’ll get a teaser in the meantime, as a demo could be available as soon as this spring.

To learn more about the Gibbous, you can follow its developments on the developer’s blog. The team is also seeking English-speaking voice talent, and interested applicants can reach them at [email protected].

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