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Love You to Bits being assembled for spring release

Fans of the point-and-click adventure Tiny Thief have a reason to be happy this holiday season, with the announcement that a spiritual successor is in the works. Titled Love You To Bits, the game is being developed by Alike Studio and Pati.io, two Spanish outfits comprised of former members of the studio responsible for Tiny Thief.

Although story and gameplay details are vague at the moment, the game follows an as-yet-unnamed human protagonist as he journeys in search of his robot girlfriend, who has been broken into pieces and scattered across the universe. Along the way he will encounter planets "full of fantastic aliens, space-time puzzles, and hidden objects to collect" while searching for his lost love, promising a varied trove of activity to engage gamers.

The early screenshots and trailer show off the cute cartoony art style that should be familiar to Tiny Thief players, and the bright, out-of-this-world color palette that creates an inviting, fun atmosphere, though in much different environments this time around.

Love You To Bits is expected to launch in the second quarter 2015, first on iOS devices, with release on Android, PC, and Mac platforms to follow at a later date. Interested gamers can check out the official website for more information in the coming months.

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