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Time winding down Until Dawn in exclusive PS4 thriller

Sony has had good success with choice-based thrillers like Heavy Rain and BEYOND: Two Souls in the past, and is now looking to Supermassive Games for a similar sort of exclusive called Until Dawn.

Until Dawn features a group of eight friends who meet at a remote mountain resort but when things "quickly turn sinister, they start to suspect they aren’t alone." Throughout the course of one "night of unexpected terror", you must step into the "quaking boots of each of the eight terrified characters as you search for clues to the deranged killer's identity." In doing so, it will be up to you to determine the fate of them all. The more you explore, the more you'll come to understand that "anyone can live, anyone can die", and the decisions you make will determine which is which. But it won't be easy to choose a course, because "things aren't always what they seem. Twists and turns will keep you guessing right to the end."

The primary focus of Until Dawn's gameplay will be its "innovative choice mechanics and the Butterfly-Effect interface", which allow players to "clearly see the path of their story amid the thousands that are possible." The stakes are high and the repercussions are real, as both "seemingly insignificant choices as well as huge moral dilemmas that will question your sense of fairness, good and evil, can have major unforeseen consequences." Any decision might "ripple unseen into moments of grave peril, or they may very well save a life." Not every decision is subtle, however, as sometimes you'll be forced to make the "impossible choices" that directly impact the survival of your friends. With so many storyline branches available, the developers promise that "no two experiences will be the same."

As with Sony's earlier exclusives, Until Dawn will benefit from a slick production package, including a Hollywood cast headlined by Hayden Panettiere and realistic graphics rendered with the Killzone Shadowfall Engine. Along with the cinematic teasers released, a recent gameplay video shows the game in action, as Panettiere's character Sam must escape her first terrifying encounter.

While there is no release date avilable just yet, PlayStation 4 owners can anticipate Until Dawn arriving sometime in 2015.

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