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Burly Men at Sea preparing to set sail next spring

Anchors aweigh, adventure fans! A sleak new indie title named Burly Men at Sea has been sighted on the horizon. Currently in production by husband-and-wife development team Brain&Brain, the 2D point-and-click game is being billed as a "folktale about a trio of large bearded fellows on a fantastical adventure at sea," in which the player's decisions made throughout the game will have an impact on how the story unfolds.

David and Brooke Condolora, who debuted earlier this year with Doggins, aren't calling their creation an "adventure" in the traditional sense, as they indicate that there will be no inventory or dialogue trees to dig through, nor will the puzzles primarily involve finding one's way around obstacles. Rather, the game is being compared to Kentucky Route Zero and The Cave, where exploration and puzzle-solving will involve "discovering the multiple ways out of a situation, then choosing one," and seeing how that shapes the story as the game progresses. Players can expect to have a different experience each time through the game due to a branching narrative mechanic.

Burly Men at Sea also features an eye-catching art style inspired by Scandinavian illustration, with clean lines and bright pastel colors imbuing a distinctly minimalist feel, which should please even the most die-hard landlubber averse to the nitty-gritty sights that can accompany real-world sea life.

Scheduled to set sail next spring, Burly Men at Sea will be available on PC, Mac, iOS and Android platforms. Gamers who want to get their sea-legs before the game releases can follow the official website for more information.

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